25: Northern (but not North) Ogden

June 17, 2023: 4.6 miles total, 4.3 miles official BST. Trailforks hike log.

Originally, I had planned on going all the way from Ogden Canyon to North Ogden Canyon, but 10 miles is a very long day for us (we go about half as fast as usual when are filming). Since it was only 4 miles from Ogden Canyon to the Ogden Nature Center Trailhead, I though it would be a great day to have our extra special guest be Molly! I have been wanting to bring my dog (a 1 1/2 year old golden doodle) along on these hikes, because she loves the outdoors. I was worried that she wouldn’t last 7 or 8 miles in a day, but today was worth a shot. Turns out it was about right for her, she loved it, but was pretty tired by the end.

This section of trail is a prime example of the “Version 2” BST we have encountered several times. The original route simply followed an existing utility road along a canal: easy but not that interesting. Then around 2010, Weber Pathways (now TFNU) worked with Ogden City and Weber County (the major landowners in the area) to construct a higher single track. It was a very scenic route, highlighted by a number of rock outcrops that are popular with climbers. TFNU has maintained the trail well, including a major volunteer project they did in Spring 2022 to build retaining walls in a steep erosion prone area. An example I’d like to follow in a couple of spots in Utah County.

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